Five good things in a weird week

It’s a bit mad at the moment. The threat’s here and it’s real, but there’s an odd remoteness about it all. Full continents on lockdown, yet we’ve never been more well connected. People symptomless, yet unknowingly spreading as they walk and work.

Probably the biggest thing is the uncertainty; that not knowing when you’ll see your family and mates again. But we’ll be okay. There’s still creating to be done — drawing, designing, reading, writing — whatever it is that keeps your mind active and productive.

Until all this blows over, here’s five things that brought solace in a weird week.

Real Lies lockdown live from London.

Bob Mortimer’s continued emergence as a national treasure.

Nike’s advice for dickheads.

The People’s Archive on Twitter and Instagram.

Communism in the cosmos: how USSR propaganda depicted space.

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