The Fringes of Time – A Double Double Good Mix

The Fringes of Time - A Double Double Good Mix

Our world renowned mixes are back! Sort of.

After after four efforts stretching back to 2015 under the Double Double Good Sounds moniker over on Mixcloud, we’ve got our act together and got with the times thanks to Spotify.

So without waffling on any further, here’s our latest mix of songs we’d like to share with you. It’s packed into a handy Spotify playlist for listening on the go, downloading, copying, slating, hating or whatever it is you want to do. We’ll try and make these a regular thing. Here’s bit more about what you’re about to listen to.

The Fringes of Time brings a heavy 70s West Coast feel into 2019. Unashamedly inspired by the brilliant Sad About the Times and Psychemagik’s Celestial Love for Test Pressing, it’s for Yosemite hippies and late night tales; Laurel Canyon dwellers and long summer days; rock climbing on acid and sleeping under the stars. It’s for open minds and broadening horizons.

Play it in order and turn that crossfade up.

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