A Short Film About Chilling

A Short Film About Chilling | Double Double Good

“Hot sun, hot music, long nights and A Short Film About Chilling…”

I first stumbled across this film about five years ago. It was a sketchy YouTube copy split into three or four parts, but now it’s been uploaded in fairly decent quality straight from high tech VHS.

A Short Film About Chilling was first shown in 1990 on Channel 4 and was produced by Kevin Sampson of Awaydays fame. He’d previously worked at Channel 4 but by this point was juggling his own film company with managing The Farm; who are featured in the film alongside 808 State, A Man Called Adam, the Boy’s Own crew and a handful of other Balearic soul searchers.

A couple of years earlier, part of this hedonistic tribe of DJs, promoters and pleasure seekers would become the early British adopters of the mystical Balearic beat⁠—the sound that had been the soundtrack to the White Isle’s most infamous parties for the best part of a decade.

It’s a great short film that captures a side of Ibiza that’s the antithesis of today’s hordes of self-obssesed Brits looking for the perfect pool party pic for Snapchat and Instagram. It’s also a film that perfectly captures a genuine and non-contrived youth subculture in a way that’s usually so absent in TV and film.

The essence of Ibiza that the film shows is well before my time and now verging on 30 years old, but Sampson and Co do a brilliant job of portraying a collective feeling of unity, positivity and genuine freedom of expression that’s so difficult to find in 2019. I imagine this Ibiza is still out there; if not in the countryside and small fishing villages then at least in spirit across Europe and the rest of the world.

You can sense from the interviews and footage that people felt like this was a genuine opportunity to change the world through music and attitudes. If not the whole world, then at least their own.

Find the full length film and the majority of tracks from the soundtrack below.

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