Adsum SS18

Just when you think you’ve addressed all your clothes based needs, Oi Polloi pull something out the bag from literally the middle of nowhere. In an age when seemingly everything can be found in just a few clicks, it’s testament to the lads at Oi Polloi’s dedication, knowledge and nous, for continually scouring the globe and unearthing hidden gems from small and dedicated brands. And just like Steve and Nigel at the Manchester menswear mecca, the brains behind these brands know their stuff, love what they do, and do it really fucking well.

In recent years, we’ve seen Japanese brands such as orSlow, Sassafras and Snow Peak really come to the fore, but those across the pond haven’t let the side down, and thanks to the noses of buyers at shops such as Oi Polloi (let’s be honest pretty much exclusively Oi Polloi), Adsum has recently been sniffed out and distributed on these shores.

Hailing from the Big Apple, Adsum make really great and really classy US inspired sportswear. If you pictured the best of classic Americana casual-dad wear, mixed with timeless and practical every day colours and fits, you’d pretty much get the Adsum blueprint. Just like it’s almost preppy cousin Ralph L and estranged older brothers Sierra Designs and REI, this hybrid of sportswear and outdoorwear continues to heavily resonate on this side of the Atlantic. Long may it continue.

Photos courtesy of the Adsum SS18 lookbook. View the full collection on their store or take a look at a selection on Oi Polloi.

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