Neon Waltz – Dreamers

Neon Waltz - Dreamers

A top new song from Scotland’s best young band. Neon Waltz‘s second single comes in the shape of the three and a half minute track, ‘Dreamers’.

For those that have had the fortune of seeing Neon Waltz live, this song might be familiar. In fact by my reckoning, the John O’Groats six-piece have had this song in their repertoire for close to two years – but this release adds extra punch to an already spine-tingling live listen. Jordan Shearer’s voice is as haunting and dreamy as ever, and if anything more polished than on the band’s debut EP ‘First Light’.

Backing keys from Liam Whittle reminiscent of  The The’s ‘This is the Day’, accompany the rumbling drums, guitar and baseline throughout, growing and nurturing their way to an explosive final quarter sparked by Shearer’s isolated vocals.

In a world where uninspiring and dour guitar music seems to find mainstream success, Neon Waltz are on another planet. They surpass their youthful years and two singles, blowing the vast majority of British ‘indie’ out the water in the process.

They manage to interweave the eclectic inspiration of Mick Head, The Band and post 00s psych effortlessly, and despite this been just their second single, the Atlantic Records band have captured, fine-tuned and polished a distinct sound that’s both timeless and original.

Like all top bands, Neon Waltz create their own world, surviving, creating and living in their own nucleus. And as with ‘First Light’, the isolation of the band’s base at the UK’s most northern point, transpires to the mood and feel of the song.

From a personal point of the view, this resonates with the towns and cities of Northern England, highlighting the detachment socially and economically from the capital. But it’s not a depressing or down trodden feel, it’s a sense of hope, positivity and belonging that shines through. It’s good to be from somewhere outside of the norm. It’s good to be from unfashionable, industrial towns. It’s good to live, work and be creative away from the sheep, hordes and rat race. It’s good to do what you love while you can.

With an abundance of unreleased material and an album surely not far away, be sure to keep an ear out for their next release. Listen to Dreamers below and keep up to date with all things Neon Waltz on Facebook and Twitter.

Neon Waltz featured in our second mix a while back, take a listen here.

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